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Fortwrite is an online writing and editing company that offers a wide variety of creative writing, copyediting, proofreading and book publishing services. When writing, we don't just think outside the box, we toss it aside and focus on your message. If your message requires a creative flair, we love to wax poetic. If your message demands that we learn some jargon or a certain style, for technical writing or academic writing, we do some reading, then your writing. And if your message requires a simple content writer, we're happy to simply write your content. Our editing and proofreading services polish your writing and give your message an authoritative tone. Whether your message is a blog post, a magazine article, a Web site or a book, we carefully pour over it to ensure the consistency of both its content and style. And if you'd prefer that we work with you to escort your message across the threshold, from concept to reality, then our professional writer will collaborate with you in whatever fashion you choose, every step of the way. We will also launch a blog of creative writing tips to help you get started on your message, since the first sentence is always the hardest, plus writing advice to help you work through those difficult passages, where the words simply don't want to cooperate.