Wordpress vs Drupal

Template vs Custom Website
November 12, 2018
| Written by Cédric Bédard
Wordpress vs Drupal

In today's market, the Web is the number one space for advertising your business by building a company website. Potential customers are now searching the Web to find the best providers, services and products that match their needs. Using their phones, tablets or computers, they make choices based on your website's ranking, accessibility, security and design. So investing in the right product will improve your business's visibility and boost your potential profits. Here are the main differences between our two website systems: Wordpress vs Drupal.

Ease of Use - Client Interface

The recent development of many Content Management Systems (CMS) gave anyone the ability to edit the content of a website, without the need to learn Web languages like HTML. Wordpress, the most used CMS in the world, was first built to write simple blogs, though today many small businesses use it for their websites. Because it's prepackaged with a lot of unnecessary options, the client interface is complex, so it can become quickly overwhelming and time-consuming for most clients to use. At the other end of the spectrum, Drupal is a powerful CMS that was built specifically for businesses and organizations. You get simple access, in a custom client interface, to edit the content of your site without having to lose time, because all the complex work is done by developers. Adding content is as easy as writing email, so anyone can use it without learning a new interface.

Client Interface - Wordpress vs Drupal

Web Design - Branding & Call to Action

One of the important factors in your business's success is the branding strategy you build to differentiate your company from your competitors. So when we build the design of your website and give it a professional look that follows your business's values and vision, we will improve your chance to get new clients. Wordpress is known for its use of templates, which means that you get a generic & prepackaged design that any of your competitors can buy online. We can modify the website to include your logo, colors and images, but it will retain the same overall design. Drupal starts with a blank slate, so we create a fully custom web design for your business's brand. This gives you the means to let your site reflect your personal vision and to target your market more precisely. It will give your company's website a unique, professional look and improve your potential to get new clients.

Performance - Speed & SEO

When your potential clients are searching the Web to find a new business, their time is limited and valuable. So the performance of your website becomes an important factor for your conversion success. You don't want to make people wait for your site to load. Besides, the loading speed of your website can also influence your ranking on Google; it's known to be factored in by search engines. Wordpress, being a prepackaged CMS, will load a lot of extra content that is not necessary for your needs. Your visitors will get a slower experience, then they might bounce and affect your Google ranking in the long term. In contrast, your Drupal installation is fully customized for your needs, so it will load only what's necessary. Additionally, Drupal has a powerful caching system built in, which helps your site load faster and creates a better overall experience for your potential clients.

Speed & Performance - Wordpress vs Drupal

Security - Vulnerabilities & Defenses

The security of your website and your visitors is one of our main priorities. We invest our time monitoring and updating your systems daily to improve your website's defense. Nevertheless, Web technologies are evolving so quickly and require so many systems to work together, it creates recurrent vulnerabilities. So choosing the right CMS will be a factor in how secure your website will be. Wordpress, being so popular and using so many third-party plugins to work, is the most targeted and hacked system in the world. Another vulnerability with Wordpress is that the client often has access to the back-end, which creates an opportunity for hackers. With Drupal, the fact that we keep full control of the back-end gives us a major advantage to secure your site, using our expertise to seal any possible entry points. Drupal is well known for its in-depth and enterprise-level security, which leads organizations and governments to choose it to protect their content and their visitors.

To Conclude - The Cost of Quality

As you can see, choosing the right platform for your business's website will influence the number of potential clients you reach. The main reason we offer two different CMS, Wordpress and Drupal, is to help us serve different clients with different budgets and expectations. These web systems simply represent two kinds of products. Wordpress costs less to build to maintain and takes less time to develop compared to Drupal. In contrast, Drupal offers you a powerful, custom marketing tool to help you increase your potential success. Once we have built a website, you won't be able to easily switch to a different system, so sometimes it's better to start with less pages on your website but with the stronger foundation to build upon. Our end goal is to always offer you the best tools to help you succeed in your business, so you can spend your time doing what you love, your job.

P.S. Still have more questions? We understand and would like to help you, contact us now to schedule your free consultation. You can also visit our Web Design services page for more information.


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